Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Digital Postcard from Accra, Ghana, #GoodWork, #TeamHonk

This morning I got sent a Digital Postcard. It came all the way from Accra, Ghana. I like this postcard as the children look happy because of all the #goodwork people have done to help them. 


Dear Danny,

Children dancing and singing songs and dancing in the nursery at the Virtuous Women's Bakery. Learning is so much fun and keeps the children busy while their mums bake bread.

Love Penny

Thank you for sending this to me #TeamHonk.  I can't wait to take part in and watch Comic Relief on tele next month.  I get to stay up really late.

This is a digital postcard sent from TeamHonk (; during their travels with Comic Relief in Ghana celebrating #goodwork. 

For the past 25 years the money raised through Red Nose Day has been changing the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa. Let’s Keep Up the Good Work. Find out how at

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pembrokeshire Cubs Chess and Draughts Competition


On the 19th of January 2013 I went to Pembrokeshire Cub Scouts Chess & Draughts Competition in Goodwick.

 I saw my friend, James who belongs to a different pack. 

I chose to play Draughts because I’m better at it.  I won four games.

We didn’t win any trophies like we did last time but we had fun and played our best.

Akela, Mowgli and Ziggy said,
“We would like to thank Danny, Findley, Jake and Luke for their plumb determination, dedication and staying power at the Chess and Draughts event held on Saturday. Although we did not come away with any trophies, they came away knowing that they played their best and were fantastic ambassadors for 2nd Milford Haven. And they all said that they had had a great time. Well done boys.”

I liked talking to my Cub’s pack in between my games.  We are planning a Cubs Fun Day.


On the journey we saw a lot of snow, but I’m glad the roads were clear so we got to take part.

Do you like playing Chess and Draughts?


It’s fun!  I have my own wooden set but I’d love a Hobbit Chess set.

How awesome is that?

See ya!



Sunday, 20 January 2013

I'm a winner!


I have won a few things since I last blogged to you.

I won £50 Toys R Us voucher for drawing Father Christmas in Mexico.


Yesterday I won four games of Draughts at our Cubs Chess and Draughts Championship.

 I also won SKYLANDERS GIANTS by drawing my own character, CactEye!

I am so lucky and grateful as I won a Skylanders Starter Pack.  They are like having a birthday or Christmas present to me.

It is brilliant as my dream when I grow up is to test computer games, but I am doing it right now.

Also, as it is my job now, I can play on the XBox more.

I like the new Skylander Giants- they are big and powerful but I wish they could jump more.

I like the new characters as they light up on the portal.


The game is fun and I found it easy to set up.  I think my sister, Rebecca would like it too as she is six.  

My favourite character is Eye Brawl, but I don't have him.  He says, "I've got my eye on you."  I like the Undead characters.  I have Cynder.

I also have Tree Rex, a Giant from Life, and Jet Vac, a light up from Air.   

I like being a Giant and picking up rocks and throwing them.  I hope they make bigger Giants and rocks.

I hope I get to test out more Air and Fire figures as they are cool.

If my friends need a new game to play I will tell them to get Skylanders Giants as it's fun and I would like to play with them.  We could also play together with our figures and cards.
 Thank you Mum for telling me about this competition.

I'll tell you more about my game soon.


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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Monsters and Zombies


Monsters and Zombies

Some people think that monsters can be scary but they might be just as scared of you …

 If you’re only four years old you might not know what they are but there are lots of books you can read to learn about them.

I collect monster and mythological creature ornaments.  I read lots of books about them.

My favourite type of monster is a Zombie.  I know they’re not real but it is fun to pretend they are real in my imagination.  I like making up scary stories.

Zombies are dead but they come back to life as scary monsters...if they catch you then they can turn you into one too!

Zombies are fun and my friends like them too.  I used to play Plants v’s Zombies.  I want to watch Zombie DVD’s and Xbox games but I’m not allowed yet.

I like dressing up scary for Halloween.

halloween instacollage

Eddie from Iron Maiden is like a Zombie.  When I’m old enough I want to see them play live with my Dad.

Do you like zombies?  My sister is scared of them but they are not real.

Hope you read my next Blog!



Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mona Hatoum


In school I am learning about Mona Hatoum.  She is a Palestinian  artist (Mum edit:  She was born in Lebanon but considers herself Palestinian)  I like her sculptures (Mum edit:  She creates art installations).

She was always good at art but her dad did not want her to be an artist but I'm glad she is an artist.

I like her art because she can use everyday objects and furniture to mean something.

One sculpture looks like a cheese grater, but it is massive.

It is 6 foot like my dad.  It is sharp and dangerous.

I listened to this interview.

I'm going to make a sculpture from everyday objects too.

Do you like her work?  Which artists do you like?



Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Children in Need


Now I am a school counsellor.  I had meetings to organise Children in Need in school.

I like Children in Need, they sometimes give money to Little Hearts Matter who help children like me.

I had lots of ideas to raise money as I am always thinking of ways to make money.  They liked my Guess the Key idea and we found lots of keys and made that game.  It raised lots of money and I was so proud.

I went to school in my pyjamas.  I won a selection box in the raffle.  I shared it with my sisters.

I tried to win a really big teddy for my baby sister.

I played games for money.

It was a fun day and we raised money.  Then I got a Merit in assembly for being good.  After school, Rebecca told me she got a merit too.

I stayed up late watching Children in Need.  It was funny and sad.



Monday, 26 November 2012

Hi, I'm Danny!



I’m Danny.  I am 9 years old and have three sisters.  Rebecca is 6, Caitlyn is 4 and Isabelle is nearly 1 year old.

 I have half a heart (hypo plastic left heart syndrome) and I also have friends with half a heart, but back to me, my mum and dad were worried about me loads every night and day when I was born.  I was lying with tubes in while they sat next to a cot just looking at me. 
 The Doctors fixed me, I will tell you more in my blog about my operations and my life with half a heart but it’s time to tell you what I like…

 I like Xbox 360 games, motor bikes, reptiles, tech decks, Lego, play guns, lasers, scooters, remote control army tanks that’s enough for now.  I like to watch funny DVDs and read funny books. I love curry, chillis and olives.

I like to be funny and make people laugh too!

I am a Seconder at Cub Scouts and a Class Councillor at school.  I like making money.

My Mum says that I have half a heart but a very FULL life!


I hope you like my Blog!

See ya!